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12   /   08   /   2018

Bitcoin, as the framework for almost all other cryptocurrencies,​ is certainly the most powerful crypto. While critics highlight its volatility and price declines, Bitcoin investors have in fact only lost money on 11% of the days the cryptocurrency has existed. At 8,990,000% lifetime returns, Bitcoin dwarfs all other investments this decade, and we predict it will continue to do so as it embarks on its journey to 100k+. 

As a group that has been advocating for the purchase of bitcoin since $2700, we have changed many lives and will continue to do so as bitcoin begins its next bull leg. With a machine learning algorithm and unique quant trading systems, our services have consistently beat the market by a wide margin. With a handpicked team of cryptocurrency experts, our collective knowledge on everything from the best crypto to invest in, to the crypto with the most upside, to how to make passive income through staking crypto, makes us a powerful asset to any traders portfolio.