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No one gets into technical trading thinking it will be easy. We certainly didn’t when we started trading. What surprised us was how much external factors—emotions, bias, and tweets of a certain car company CEO—tended to play into our analyses, making traditional technical analysis imperfect and inefficient. Like you, we’ve spent way too much time manually crunching numbers for fundamental analysis and charting stocks, only to start from scratch the next day. Not only is this time-consuming, it often interferes with your end goal: consistently profitable trades. 

With our many applications of AI and Machine Learning, a lot of the guesswork is taken out of trading and our quant trading system has allowed us to achieve consistent returns that beat the SPY by a wide margin. The unique intraday trading and swing trading systems we employ allow us to take high return, high probability trades with minimal risk, using the power of options. With an 84% win rate across three years, the strategies we use allow us and our members to achieve high returns without the need for high risk strategies.

Our mission at Wall Street Kings is to create a community of analytical self-sufficient traders who actively work on mastering the art of making money in any market. We execute our mission by providing comprehensive written educational content, videos, live workshops, and one on one mentoring to our community. 

Making money is an art that requires a refined pallet of skills: forbearance, rationale, diligence, and altruism. We must establish a set of intentions and goals before embarking on our journey for financial freedom. Wall Street Kings helps you structure your goals through self discipline and providing active guidance throughout your journey, making our community feel like a family.

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